46764 - Douglas Sirk Collection - All I Desire [ Stati Uniti. 1953. Bianco/Nero. Durata: 79 minuti ] Disponibile Disponibile presso: Agorateca
Titolo originale
All meine sehnsucht - All I desire

Diretto da
Douglas Sirk

Universal International Pictures (UI)

James Gunn

Classico, Drammatico

A partire dai 15 anni

Naomi Murdoch abandons her husband and children in Wisconsin, setting off to become an actress and also to flee from an aggressive former suitor, Dutch Heineman. She decides to return 10 years later at the invitation of daughter Lily, who is appearing in a school play and about to graduate. Lily is delighted, as are townspeople who mistakenly believe Naomi has become a great success on stage. But her schoolteacher husband Henry is unsure how he feels about Naomi being back, as is daughter Joyce, still bitter about her mother's long absence. At the school play, Dutch can't take his eyes off Naomi. A teacher, Sara Harper, now loves Henry but can tell he still has feelings for his long-absent wife. Dutch turns up when Naomi goes for a horseback ride with Joyce and boyfriend Russ. Joyce and her boyfriend leave Naomi by the lake and Dutch shows up tries to embrace Naomi. Naomi refuses his advances and rides home alone. Henry and Naomi reconcile. But Dutch signals that he wants her to meet him at the lake.

Attori principali
Lyle Bettger, Richard Carlson, Barbara Stanwyck

Inglese, Tedesco

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